Tutorials & Inspiration

If you love creative tutorials as much as I do then you are in for a treat.  I have lots of free tutorials on my YouTube channel  to inspire you and get you creating right now.

If you are a beginner you might want to start with my Art Journaling on Budget collection.  Here is a peek of what you will see:

Art Journaling on a Budget 

Love Art Journaling?  Here is one of my latest art journaling videos for you to enjoy.


If you are an avid stencil lover like myself then you might want to start with my Stencil Crush Tuesday’s Series.  Here is a peek of what you will find:

Stencil Crush Tuesday

My blog is gushing with visual inspiration and mini tutorials.  Here is a peek at what you will find on my blog:


And if you are still craving more head on over to my Instagram where you will find my unique time lapse videos like the one below.  Don’t forget to give me a follow here  :).

Don’t forget to follow me on Pintrest where I have lots of inspiring pins from my artwork and many other artists that include art tutorials, art journaling, mixed media and more. Use this link here

My greatest joy in being an artist is when something I have created inspires someone else to get creative.  If you create something inspired by me, please let me know – tag me on social media I would love to see what has inspired you.  xxoo –  Sherry