Meet an Artist who inspires me

Introducing an Artist who Inspires me – Series

Hi friends,

I’m excited to introduce you all today an artist who has inspired me for quite some time.  Her eye for color and design just are amazing and her style infectious!

I’m honored to introduce  – Artist, Robin Mead

I have asked Robin to answer a few questions to help us all get to know her together and she graciously accepted. :).  So grab your coffee because this is gonna be good!!!

Robin tell us a little bit about yourself – your background where you come from….

So I grew up on Long Island NY in Bayville which was right on the Long Island sound, across from Connecticut. It was just my Mom and I, and we lived on the beach in a summer bungalow. There were about 20 of these on our street and some of the people came just for the summer, but most of us lived there all year round. Each day I awoke to the waves, the beach and the sunrises and sunsets, along with the flower gardens that adorned each bungalow. This formed my earliest visions of color and beauty. 

I began creating very early, and it was one of the fun things that I did with my Mother. An artist herself, she would draw little scenes for me and I’d color them in. On my own I would use pencil to do sketches of my favorite actors or mucisians.  My first one was Peter Cetera from the band Chicago, and my second was Barry Gibb from the BeeGees. For years I created these portraits but never thought I was an artist because it didn’t come easy for me. It took me weeks to complete one and I had it in my mind that if I were an artist I could do a face sketch in a short time. 

I was always crafty and wanting to make things, and I did very well In art class, but it would be years, when I was about twenty two..that I would draw portraits again. At that time I drew friends and family, only in pencil though.

After going to school for business, and eventually getting my masters in social work, I still had a desire to create, paint, and just make after getting married and having my children I went back to school for art, that was in 2003, and I’ve been painting ever since. 

Share with us 3 things you love about art…

What I love most about art is Color, Line and it’s therapeutic, meditative effects that it has.  Color and line because it is my favorite way to express what I see, and therapeutically because when Im creating it takes me to a zone of complete focus, joy, and satisfaction.

For those of us that are starting or thinking about creating an art business could you share a bit about what you found the most challenging you when you first started…

 I still find it challenging to do art as a business, mainly because of all that has to be done on  the technical and business end takes a really long time.  I still am working on my presence and have found many tutorials and wonderful mentors that can help. But really I just want to create stuff. I’m in the process of redoing my website and learning SEO.which is Search Engine Optimization. I started doing that in 2010 and gave up but now I am sticking to it with the help of my friend who is doing the same.

I asked Robin for to share her website and social media where we can all connect with her and find her gorgeous art…

My new website  below is a work in progress   –                                                                          Here you will be able to find my originals, prints, blog, tutorials, journals, crochet afghans, and my new found love, weaving. I also have classes, coloring books, and my new fabric line that will be out this fall, called Euphoria by P & B Textiles.

I am licensed by Dianoche Designs – you can find all of the products here   –                           They have Leggings , Canvas Totes, Duvet Covers, Shower Curtains, and many more gorgeous high quality products.

Can you share with us a couple pieces of your art and a little bit about them….

Below are two of my newest pieces that I love..                                                               I do have many but these are two that are current and they will be in the 2017 Handmade a Holiday Auction here:                                                     I chose these two because I just love the colors in them and it represents myself trying some new techniques and styles, and exploring new ways to find joy in color

“Orange You Glad” 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas


“Jazmin” 20 x 24 acrylic on canvas


What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you…

I drove a limousine in NYC on and off for many years, and a taxi too on Long Island, both in between jobs and as second jobs too. It was fun and exciting..and great tips.  I definitely couldn’t do it now though. Lol

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers…

Stick with whatever you love to do.  Don’t give up because it doesn’t go your way, or because you might not be financially supported by it. Make time to fit it in wherever you can, practice, practice practice, and always be looking for new ways to learn, grow and integrate it more into your daily life. You will never know the satisfaction of achieving it if you don’t continue pursuing it.

Thank you so very much Robin for taking the time to share with me and my readers a little more about you and your art.  Although I have been a fan, admirer and follower for quite awhile you shared some really special things about yourself with all of us here and for that I’m truly honored!

Friends be sure to check out Robin on Instagram, and Facebook

Have an amazing day everyone!!

xoxo – Sherry

What sparks your creativity?

Hi Friends,

I know it’s been awhile, things got a little bit hectic for me these past few weeks.  I am preparing to leave for Kentucky on Thursday morning for a StenciGirl and Friends art retreat where I will be attending some fabulous classes with some of my favorite artists…. MaryBeth Shaw, Traci Bautista, Seth Apter, Pam Carriker and more.  I will also be teaching a pop up demo there myself so, life has been moving at lightening speed for me.  I promise to take lots of pics and if I have time I will post some here in the evenings just to share what’s going on with all of you.

This leads me into today’s post…… What Sparks your creativity?

Knowing the answer to this will help you when you have a creative block.  So now I bet you are asking …well Yeah but how do I figure that out?  Well it just so happens I have some tips to help you figure that out.

If you are like me there is nothing worse than sitting there with that blank sheet of paper in front of you and having absolutely nothing creative come to mind.  And yes I have read all those online posts about throw some paint on to the paper – just start – don’t worry about what you make – yadda yadda yadda, I’ve read them all.

And the truth is none of those things have worked for me.

And I do care what my paper looks like

And throwing paint on a sheet of paper does not spark my creativity.

In fact all those things frustrate me more because when I try them and then don’t work well it’s down right disappointing and again if you are like me you are asking yourself at this point – ok how does this stuff work for everyone else.

Well the truth is maybe it works for some but it doesn’t work for everyone, like I said it doesn’t work for me.

And if you think that because I can put out nice looking art that I don’t get creative block – HA!  WRONG.  I get it, many times.  So here is how I have figured out FINALLY what sparks my creativity.

I pay attention.  Yup it’s that simple.  I pay attention when I am in a creative mood and I notice what kinds of things spark my creativity.  I make notes, I keep a journal, sometimes even take pictures and that allows me too find my way back to my creativity when I have lost it.

Below I share with you things that work for me but again, we are not all alike so what works for one does not always work for everyone, so I encourage you to pay attention to yourself, be mindful and take notes.

One thing that works for me is cleaning things out – not always just my art room but any room in the house, closets, cupboards etc.  Why does something like this help me?  Well although I’m not completely sure I think it is the fact that It helps my mind concentrate on something else.  It’s busy work and allows lots of movement which is a lot different from when I’m sitting and creating.

Another thing I do is take lots of walks – especially during different times of day when I normally wouldn’t and I try to notice the world around me, the sites, the sounds, the smells, the colors.  I try to stimulate my other senses to spark that creativity.  I don’t try to force it I just relax and enjoy myself getting out of my usual environment always makes me feel refreshed and renewed.

And finally this last one may not appeal to everyone but when I’m in a creative rut I love to cook.  Sometimes channeling my creativeness into the kitchen helps me just feel better and refreshed. I love to create new dishes and lots of times just doing something totally different yet creative helps me tremendously.

Share in the comments your ideas, tips or things that help you.  If it helps someone else or gives someone that creative spark again it’s so worth the share!!

Now I’d like to share with all of you what I’ve been up to creatively.  I’ve been working in my art journal and a new watercolor journal. I have decided to take this new watercolor journal and turn it into a true visual journal where I take notes with tips and techniques that I learn along the way in watercolor and I will also be adding personal bits of my learning experiences and things that have gone on each day.

So here I have created my own little mix of colors, I was feeling the need for some deeper fall colors and since I didn’t have quite what I was looking for I just mixed up a little palette.

and well it is getting to be almost pumpkin time here so thought I would do a little watercolor practice on some pumpkins. So above I have the traditional orange and below some fun Teal / Turquoise.  I love to do things like pumpkins because they are a simple easy shape to draw which allows me more time to practice watercolor painting techniques and shading – color blending and layering.

and lastly I want share one of my art journal pages I created.

Thanks so much friends for stopping by and sharing your time with me!  Hope all of you have an amazing rest of the week, I will be back soon with pics from the retreat!!

xoxo – Sherry