3 thoughts on “Healing old wounds … an art journal spread

  1. Love you girl! Wish I could see you and hang out together again. Your posts are so insightful and thoughtful I feel them in my heart. I can so relate to points and directions my life takes. Hugs

    1. I love you too Dee, thank you so much for your loving words and support. I wish we were closer too spend time together as well!! Miss you lots,! xxoo

  2. Sherry, I am so proud to be your sister. You have blossomed into such a beautiful spirit inside and out. I love the way you write. You should really think about writing a book. I am so moved by your story. I wish I hadn’t been so wounded myself, I couldn’t see past it. All I could do was RUN. So, much of what you have written pulls at my heart strings. When Dad pushed me away at age 7 I felt abandoned. He never knew what Mom had done to me and he didn’t want to know. Talk about issue of being abandoned and pushing everyone away before they could leave you. I know exactly what that feels like. I guess that is why I am still alone. It is safer. I have wanted to open up and let someone really in but I guess I just can’t and it’s really getting too late. I am so sorry that you had to go through all the same things I did and maybe more. I always thought, maybe because I couldn’t allow myself to think you were being hurt, that once the family at home was smaller that it was better. I miss you a lot and I want us to be close it is hard living far apart. I definitely can’t move back to Syracuse, but if you guys decide to settle down in Florida, I am thinking about it now too. It would be nice if we could really be real friends one day. I don’t think I told you that a about a month ago I joined a group called meditation and spiritual healing. It’s a pretty cool group. I really like it. Anyway, I have a lot more I could say but don’t have time right now. I am sorry I wasn’t there for you. I know you get it. You were always special to me though and I will always regret that I could’t see YOU! Love and HUGS Candy

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