Art Journaling Video & Meet Luna

Hi Friends,

I know as the holidays get closer and there are more things that need to be done it becomes more difficult to find time to be creative.  

I for one am the first to forget to take pics at an event or outing because I am just enjoying myself and living in the moment.  I also think that it’s important sometimes to do just that – enjoy the moment and not worry about documenting it.  But if you are feeling that you want take a few minutes to document your gratitude or write down a memory then the video I have created below will give you inspiration to do just that.  It didn’t take me hours to create these pages, I added a lot of writing as I have been finding that writing things I’m grateful for is so much more powerful than just thinking them.  For a little color and pizazz I have thrown in a little watercolor and of course some glitter.

In keeping with the theme for this month which is Gratitude –

In this video I share with you my process of documenting everyday things in which I am thankful.  I also include some of the bigger things in my life which I am grateful for – such as my husband and son.  I am using some of the tags from the free monthly download that went out in my November newsletter.  (This month’s download was all about tags) If you missed out on this month’s download you can purchase it here .  I will have a link at the bottom to sign up for my newsletter or go to the section on my website called Artsy News.  I also used a quote on my page from the free download you can get on my blog post here .

Now for some really big news that was quite unexpected to us.

Since losing my Pebbles Labor Day weekend I have been telling my husband I’m not getting any more dogs.  But all the while missing my Pebbles my world has had a hole in it.    A few days ago a friend contacted me said that they had a friend who just got a puppy and they were being evicted and they needed to find it a home.  I was like NO WAY!  Of course that was not the end of the conversation it went on and I got off the phone saying I’ll think about it but probably not.  So after Dan and I talked about it we agreed to meet the puppy and see what she was like.  The story seemed all too familiar to Budha’s who we rescued when she was 6 (she passed last December at the age of 17) and I was thinking maybe this puppy needs me as much as I need her.  Dan of course was like “look if you want to get her then we will”.

So of course it was love at first site and I knew that I just couldn’t leave her to end up in whatever home they could find because they didn’t have time to properly find a home.  So Sunday afternoon we had a new family member.  Meet Little Luna.  She is a French Bulldog (not a pug I know).  But just look at that face and those ears lol

She’s just a wee 6lbs and only 12 weeks old. And we are so blessed to have her now a part of our family.

So creating has been taking a bit of a back burner as puppy training is not all that easy lol.  But I managed to get in a little bit here and there when she sleeps lol.

I have started some holiday creating already – here I created this watercolor wreath.

I will have a fun holiday tutorial for you on my Youtube Channel this Friday 11/17.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel here so you don’t miss any of my new tutorials.  Also for all of you who have subscribed thank you so much I just hit 1000 subscribers and I can’t believe it.  To many it probably seems like – well that’s not many – but it’s huge to me and means so very much!  All of your support and comments means the world to me!!

I mentioned above that I would have a link to sign up for my monthly newsletter you can do that here .

Thank you so much friends for sharing your time with me today.  Sending lots of love, peace and happiness your way!!

xoxo – Sherry

12 thoughts on “Art Journaling Video & Meet Luna

  1. OMG, so cute! Congratulations on your new baby ❣️I wanted a Frenchie, but fell in love with my Bailey (peekepoo) 2 years ago. Love your tutorials, thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh Sherry!! First, I’ve already left a comment on your video for your gratitude pages. They are so beautiful! I really enjoyed watching the process and seeing how easily everything just flowed. Most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on baby Luna!! She is absolutely beautiful! I’d have fallen in love with her, too. I could tell from your story that your heart was already going to be taken by this baby girl who needed a home. She’s just what both of you needed. Sending much love and joy for you! What a beautiful moment to share! ❤❤❤

    1. Oh Thank you so very much Kimberlye you are so sweet I will check my video for your comment! And yes I think you are right I think we both really needed each other!! love you my friend ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hi Lynne, thank you so much, I think I’m the lucky one here she is such a doll and a little snuggler. She has certainly found her forever home here and I think she already knows it. The pugs are taking some time to adjust but we are making sure they get their special time with mom and dad and don’t let Luna drive them too crazy with her puppy antics lol.

    1. Hi Dee, thanks so much sweetie. Now you will be wanting a pug and a frenchie lol. Oh how I wish you could meet her in person she is such a little lover! ❤️❤️❤️

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