How to enjoy the holidays & a Freebie

Hi Friends,

I know I haven’t shared a lot in the past week, to be honest I have been buried in projects that I can’t share at the moment, I’ve just been working away like a busy bee trying to get a jump on things before the holiday season is in full swing.

I really enjoy the holiday season but that was not always the case.  I grew up in a house with a lot of turmoil around the holidays so to be honest the holidays used to be my least favorite time of year.  As a matter of fact I used to tell my husband that I hated Christmas -yeah I know there are many who are saying … WHAT???  How could you hate Christmas.   Then there are those of you who – get it.

Either way that has all changed for me now and I fully embrace the holiday season, and I’d like to share a little bit with all of you how I was able to “flip this Sh*t around” so to speak.

I actually started to look at why I hated the Holidays so much, what was causing me to wish they would just not come this year.  So if you are feeling the same way, I would recommend you make a list and do it now. The sooner you do then the sooner you can change your feelings about the holidays – below is my list and after each one in pink is what I did to change my situation / feeling.

  • I disliked having to go to my extended family on the holidays just to be critiqued or have my little family critiqued – Quite frankly Just stopped going, I didn’t want to hurt peoples feelings so I would make up little white lies but once I didn’t have to go anymore my anxiety level went way down.  Because lets face it you have a whole year to do what everyone else wants you to do if that’s what you choose, it doesn’t have to be around the holidays.  
  • I disliked that at the last minute I was the one wrapping all the gifts and my husband always wanted to shop at the last minute for more things that I ended up wrapping (sorry but he’s so slow at this task lol) – I set him a deadline and when we start to go out shopping – he will always say oh we don’t need to get that now and now I say yes we are getting the shopping done and out of the way if you want to get it for (fill in the name) then let’s get it now.  At first he bucked at this a bit but I’m a tough lady (sometimes you just have to be lol) and I pushed and you know what? he’s pretty much used to it now.

  • I hated that my husband would always shop for me the day before Christmas which meant that instead of spending time together he was out shopping again another deadline for him lol, but you know what we talk about it way in advance so that this doesn’t happen and for the most part it has worked out.  He knows that it’s more important to me that he and I to spend time together than it is for me to have a bunch of gifts.
  • I disliked feeling like there was so much to do and to get ready but I was the only one that was doing  –  leaving me no time to actually enjoy the holiday season we talk about things ahead of time and see who is going to do what task, and what we plan to do together ( and both my husband and son help out a lot!).  Then we MAKE time to do fun holiday things.  Every year our local park has a 3 mile lights on the lake that you can go to and before it officially opens they have a night where you can walk through them in the evening.  It’s a tradition now that we go.   We head to Starbucks early grab a peppermint mocha and then head out for the 3 mile walk.  We have a lot of other things that we do as well, such as a near by Village has what they call a Dickens Christmas. We spend a day there walking through the village shops, sipping hot coffee or cocoa and then having a late afternoon lunch as this beautiful restaurant on the lake.  

So the moral of my story (and yeah it was a long one lol) is that the Holidays are Beautiful and Magical and wonderful to me now because I choose to let them be.  I let go of all the other “stuff” that was not important and made the holidays about spending time with those I love.  And I hope that my sharing all of this helps at least one person out there that might be feeling the same way. That maybe this can help you start to enjoy the holiday season!❤️

Okay moving on to some art!

I have been unable to get my hands on the new Jane Davenport collection and finally yesterday I was able to get the aquapastels and a package of the confetissue pieces.  So here I share a little info- video of my take on them. Someone asked if they were like gelatos and I would have to say no.  Once they are dry they are pretty set – they don’t continue to move but if you added more water they might- they seem more like a watercolor to me but definitely  not as creamy as a watercolor crayon.

A little peek at things I have been working on

I wanted to let you in on a little secret – Saturday the Stencilgirl team is having a magnificent Holiday hop so be sure to stop back in for some amazing inspiration and start your holiday crafty season on the right foot!

Now I can’t spoil what’s in store but I can share a little sneak peek with you – below and let you know that my project has a bit of Old World Holiday – Vintage Flair to it.

November here in the States

is known as the month of giving thanks.  Many of you have already begun the Gratitude Junk Journal online workshop with us.  For those who want to still want to sign up you can click here to join we are only on day 2 so not much to catch up on.  Also for those who might not know this is a “go at your own pace class” which makes it all that more amazing and you don’t have to worry about finishing each part right away or even in sequence.

Now a little something for all of you

to show my thanks for all your continued support!  I will probably be saying it over an over especially this month but I want you to all know that you are truly appreciated.  Throughout the year you share my posts, you leave me love and comments on all of the different socials media sites and here, You have bought my products, you have joined my workshops and you have shown me love and kindness that just cannot be thanked enough.

So throughout the month I will be giving back to all of you.  Today I have a beautiful free collage sheet for you to download, just signup below and your collage sheet will be immediately emailed to you.

Thank you my friends for all you do throughout the year!

xoxo – Sherry

Upcoming things to look for:

11/4 – Holiday Blog hop with StencilGirl Creative Team

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I also have another “BIG” secret that I can’t say much about yet other than I have something amazing planned for 2018 and I’m dying to share with all of you. I am hoping that by the beginning of December I will be able to!  So be on the look out for sneak peeks here and there on my different social media sites! ❤️


10 thoughts on “How to enjoy the holidays & a Freebie

  1. hi Sherry-I’m a Christmas lover, but my hubby is a bit of a grinch (actually, more than a bit!!) and it used to get me down…he has health issues this year and will undoubtedly be participating even less than usual. My solution is to attend the Christmas-related things with my bestie, who loves it as much as I do, and I have downsized my shopping quite a bit in the last few years, mostly leaving myself with the tasks I really enjoy, like baking, decorating, wrapping and card-making. We only visit a few relatives , just spending time with the ones we’re closest to. I feel for you ending up with all of it on your shoulders and not being able to enjoy it-my bday is near Christmas so hubby would start whining about all the shopping he had to do for me, when I shopped for him, kids, relatives & friends, threw the kids’ annual gingerbread party which involved tons of baking on top of the regular Christmas baking….you get the picture-it was pretty hard to feel sorry for him! I just decided I’d do what I wanted to do and the heck with everything else-no stress for me at Christmas anymore! Great you took the time to figure out what would make it enjoyable and less stressful for you too!

    1. You nailed exactly what I was getting at on the head Lynne. I too cut out all the “stuff” and make the time for the things I really love. I too love baking but instead of making 3 batches of about 10 different kinds of cookies to give out to everyone I bake a batch here n there n we enjoy them throughout the season instead of leaving them all for the actual day. Good for you my dear friend and prayers to your hubby with for his health. ! Btw my bday is also close to Christmas mine is the 21st what day is yours ? ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hey Sherry, I am learning so much about you through these posts. I really thought I was the only one that got criticized at the holiday family functions. It is so sad to know that you were being put through the same things I had, which was why I moved further away and kept to my own little family. I so wish I could take back the time and be there for you. There is nothing more important to me now than nurturing a relationship with my sister. Being so caught up in my own problems made me a horrible sister. I am so glad now that we can put this all behind us and have good times together. Maybe one day we can even spend the holiday together. We are very strong women and each of us has had to be strong in order to make things better for ourselves.I am so proud of you and who you have become and I am proud of myself too. It has been really hard work to get to this point and I look forward to a relationship that is even stronger than when we were kids living through all that together. You will always be my lovey! I Love you too the moon and back, never forget that! Candy xxoo

      2. You are not going to believe this but hubby’s bday is the same as yours! But I find this hard to believe as the description of your husband sounds just like mine. LOL! The other day he was saying that he does the majority of the shopping and spending time on the internet researching gift items…..I almost spit up what I was drinking. Admittedly he has done research on techie gifts (TIVO and camera) over the years for our adopted son (long story, he is my husband’s sister’s son who has adopted us as his family to vacation with and spend holidays) but who does all the other shopping, making mini albums, wrapping, baking, decorating, cooking special foods, etc. blah, blah, blah. Sorry I am turning this into a pity party for me…..i have, like you, figured out what works…’s less about the gift but time spent together so the gifts have been things like mini albums of trips we did together that year, events (last year was Cirque du Soleil) and certain foods that everyone requests every year. Thank you for sharing as much as you do; it is much appreciated to hear it from someone.

      3. Haha Julie it’s ok I totally get where you’re coming from and just too funny about having the same bday lol. We are going to Cirque Du Soleil next week ahhh I can’t wait. We went to one a couple years ago in Florida when we were there for our anniversary it was amazing !! Anyways I think as time goes on and sadly we get older we realize that less is more. And we start to embrace that concept as well as let’s face it no matter how compatible a couple is they still are different and so you have to find a way to make things work. Sometimes I think guys just take longer to get what we are saying. I’m so glad you have found what works as well big hugs to you my friend 😘😘😘❤️

  2. Sherry, I for one appreciate you and all the others who share their talents on line. Living in a small town out in the middle of nowhere it’s important for me to be able to learn on line.
    As for Christmas, I would LOVE to have a family to share the Holidays with. It’s always been just my hubby and I. All alone. We do still cook the dinners, put the tree up ect. But it’s lonely.

    1. Hi Laurie, Thanks so much for your kind words. I do get where you are coming from as I come from a big family and I too felt the same way at first – I wanted a big loving family to spend the holidays with, but I realized that it wasn’t a very healthy environment for myself or my son (also too much drinking going on for me during such occasions – fights breaking out You get the picture ) So anyways I started to look at things in a different perspective – I could have the numbers or I could have the calmness and happiness. It was not an easy decision to make but I embrace that I have my husband and son and although it may not have been my ideal it’s what I have and so it’s enough. Hugs to you my dear friend as I do get where you are coming from xoxo

  3. Making your own traditions with your family is what memories are made of! BIG holiday celebrations can be so overwhelming and demanding of effort, time and feelings when all you really want is to just relax and savor the intimate time with the few you love the best. Maybe BIG celebrations can be done other times (non-holidays) and it won’t be so distressing for everyone. We were in the Navy during my children’s growing up years and it was often just us, too far from any family. It was very nice and we made it special. <3 You do what makes your holidays special for YOU and YOURS! ~ Rachel Bell

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