Who else needs a pick me up?

Hi Friends,

First and foremost thank you to all of you who left me comments, love and support here on my blog and all my social media sites (I’ve yet to get to all the posts and comments it’s been so overwhelming heartwarming thank you from the bottom of my heart!!)  Losing Pebbles has been a hard thing to swallow and it’s definitely going to take me some time to fully heal from this.

That being said I feel like it’s time for a bit of a pick me up – Yes?  During times like this I really try to focus on the good, the positive and upbeat.  Don’t get me wrong it’s hard – I never said it was easy – not one bit.  But surrounding myself with the positive helps take the edge off.

So right now is a PERFECT time to get working on your 30 days of Empowerment cards.  I have completed days 1-6, and I wanted to share those with you.  Info on the Empowerment cards Here .

My goal for these was to infuse 5-15 minutes of Positive Creativity into my daily life.  So lets make these simple – doable – fun – uplifting.

I have been inspired by the flowers that are still around me even though fall is coming fast, there is still a lot of beautiful color out there.

What I did first was create a fun, very quick and easy background to create my cards on. And I created this short video to share with all of you on how I did it:

Next I took my steel ruler to use as a straight edge and ripped my color blocks into cards. I did not measure these (they are not all the same size or shape) and I’m okay with that.  Sometimes not being so buttoned up and squared off is nice.

As you can see from my video, I’m still very much into my watercolor obsession lol

The next thing I did was come up with a positive affirmation or a quote that I looked up on Pinterest to coincide with my prompt for the day.

So here are days 1-6 prompts that I used for my cards

  1. Passionate

  2. Strength

  3. Worthy

  4. Purposeful

  5. Brilliance

  6. Peaceful

Here are my 6 completed cards drawing some inspiration from flowers and their beautiful colors.

Need some ideas to get started?

  1.  Do a bunch of backgrounds using a brayer and only a couple colors of paint
  2. Use an old store card to scrap paint onto a large sheet of paper – rip your paper into cards the size you like to work on
  3. Use 2 or 3 bold colors of paint to create some intense backgrounds – dry or set aside to dry then apply a light layer of white with a brayer to mute them down so you can write or draw on them
  4. Use and old magazine and add a layer of white gesso – let it dry then add some spritz of color with your spray inks – no spray inks water down some arylic paint and splatter it on with an old tooth brush or your paint brush.
  5. Use an old piece of cardboard to create a textured background on some paper – paint it on the cardboard with a foam brush and then press the cardboard onto your paper in a random pattern using a couple of colors for more added fun and pizzazz.

Don’t forget to share your creations in our Facebook group, as well as on social media using hash tag #empowerment-cards.

Hope you all have a positive and uplifting day!!

xoxo – Sherry

6 thoughts on “Who else needs a pick me up?

  1. These are fabulous, Sherry and just what I need today. My heart is heavy with worry over my two sons on the Florida coast with Irma headed at them and your inspiration sparked me to create which brings peace and joy to my soul! Thank you!

    1. Oh Marsha I will be praying and sending positive thoughts their way. So scary I know my good friend lives in Ft. Lauderdale she said they were leaving last night but I’ve not heard back from her. I will be praying that your sons are safe!! Please do keep me posted!! And thank you can’t wait to see what you create my dear friend!!❤️

  2. Oh Sherry your work is just beautiful even though we all know your heart is heavy. You make it look so easy which of course is the trademark of a really talented artist. I am thinking of you Sherry today as I am in Liverpool my home city and sending all my love to you In your Liverpool. Hugs and loves Sherry try and have a lovely weekend xxxxxx🙋🏻😘❤️

    1. Awww thank you so very much Dorothy you are always so sweet to me.oh how I wish we could be in the same Liverpool together !! You have a wonderful weekend too my friend ❤️❤️❤️

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