Weekend Happenings

Good Evening friends I just wanted to pop in and say hello.  I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend.  I have been totally cleaning out and over hauling my art studio at home. I have just felt the need to get it organized and more to my liking.  See my video below for my progress 🙂

And this happened this weekend.  For the longest time I have had my trims in bins where I had to dig through bags of them to find what I wanted.  This weekend I took the time to take smaller pieces of my favorite ones and wrap them around a tag so I could put them in of of my favorite wire bins where I an easily find what I want when I’m creating.  This was a HUGE undertaking but now that it’s done I not only have easy access to my favorite trims I totally love how they look on display in my studio.  Yummy colorful inspiration!!


Saturday morning Dan and I made our way to the farmer’s market as we often do for fresh fruits and veggies.  Okay they also have the most amazing fried dough so that might get me up out of bed early on a Saturday to go to the market as well, but I’m not telling (lol).  Well this week they had some beautiful Sunflowers and my husband bought me a bouquet of 6 gorgeous sunflowers.  They are my most absolute favorite flower of all time,    and I have painted many sunflower paintings including the one that is available in my shop here


I had a little time Friday evening to do some painting.  I have totally fallen in love with the Jane Davenport Watercolors.  Being new to watercolors I do not know a lot about the difference in brands but I can say that her’s are luscious, blend amazing and have a lot of pigment!

Well my friends it’s getting late going on 10pm here so I should wrap it up, I’m going to have a glass of wine and relax with my sweet hubby for awhile before going to bed.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter here

So I leave you with one final thought as we approach a new week ahead:

how beautiful a blank page can be as we can start fresh, start over and start a new.  Fear not the blank page but yet Embrace it and the beautiful new week ahead, where you can paint your days any color that you wish.  Have a beautiful evening friends!

xoxo – Sherry


10 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

  1. Hi, Sherry. I like your green eyed lady. I remember that Farmer’s Market fondly. My sister and I would meet there every Saturday morning and then have breakfast together. I remember it as a real social event, too. We used to see lots of friends there.

    1. Awww thank you Maura yes and it’s gotten even bigger oh my gosh it’s crazy on Saturdays there but I love it. A couple farmers I always visit and by from that are from Baldwinsville where I grew up. Just a fun morning for sure ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Love this post!! I, too am wanting to overhaul my studio. I want to switch it up but not sure how…lol! Thanks for in the inspiration. Oh and fried dough sounds AMAZING!! And your girl is Sparkling!!!!

    1. Awww thank you so much Les I can’t believe what a difference it makes to me in my studio having things cleared out it is such a joy to come into my space now even more than ever ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hello Dear Sherry a fab post as always. Sounds like you did a wonderful job in your studio – well done. Is your studio at home? I have a room at the back of the house which I have turned into a sewing room although I do tend to sew in the more cosy living room which means it gets untidy very quickly. I am thinking of changing my lovely husband’s workshop in the garden into a craft/ painting/creative space for myself but a lot of tidying up to do first. However, over the next two weeks my four grandchildren are with me so they are keeping me super busy but I am having fun with them.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week Sherry – big hugs and loves
    Dorothy 🙋🏻😘❤️Xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Dorothy thanks so much for the compliment about my studio. Yes it’s in my home. I had one in our office building for awhile and I never used it. I like being home so this works out so much better for me!! How fun to have your grandchildren with you. You will definitely be busy making some amazing memories with them for sure !!! How old are your grand kids and are they girls / boys? Well my dear friend you enjoy !!!❤️❤️❤️ lots of love to you 😘

      1. Hi Sherry even better at home – kettle always handy for a cup of tea/coffee😀😀 I have the youngest grandchildren with me who are Dominic aged 12, Elizabeth aged 9 going on 40😳😳 and little Catherine aged 7 – all my little darlings. I also have 4 other grandchildren aged 25, 24, 19 and 18. I started my own family of 4 sons at the very tender age of 19. How about you? All my love as always xxxxxxx🙋🏻😘❤️

      2. Oh what spectacular ages so much fun when they are young (not teenagers quite yet lol). I have only one son he is 24 and quite the mama’s boy lol, I was a single mom for most of his life so we are very close which I love!! He has his on apt but lives only 5 min from me (like I said a mamas boy lol). And Yes I truly love having my art space in my home, and I am a HUGE coffee lover so I always have the kettle on my friend lol. Wish you were close so we could have a cup and chat together !! xxoo

  4. Hi, Sherry!! You did a fabulous job in your studio!! You’ve inspired me……I swear that my crafting studio is like laundry…….it grows overnight!!! Hahaha. “Stuff” is wonderful……letting go of it is like parting with a dear friend!! But part I must……….thanks for your inspiration!!! Have a great day!!! Sending a big hug from Chicago!!

    1. H Carole, awww thank you so much! I still have a little to do but boy it feels great getting it cleaned out!! I hear you about letting go of things. But I know they will be well loved by my sister and put to good use instead of sitting on my shelf collecting dust lol. You are so sweet my dear friend have a fabulous day 😘😘❤️❤️

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