Painted pages on a budget

Recently a friend online asked about how to create pages without all the fancy stamps and stencils and products that they see me use.  So knowing that we all have other things in our lives that have to come first in our budgets I decided to create this video to share some ideas of things you can use and things that I do currently use that you probably already have laying around the house.

Hope you enjoy and wishing everyone a fabulous weekend ❤❤❤


8 thoughts on “Painted pages on a budget

  1. How fun was ALL of that ?? Loved seeing you use so many things that we all have laying around……
    Repurpose….Repurpose…..Repurpose !!!! thanks Sherrie

  2. Your pages are gorgeous! I love this so much! The idea of repurposing things from around the house to create something this amazing is wonderful! I will be holding on to those things that everyone thinks is junk. Thank you so much, Sherry. You are truly amazing!

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