Stencil Crush Tuesday 1-10-17

Hi friends hope everyone has been enjoying the new year so far. I’m big into the New Year being a fresh start and having new found hopes and dreams for the new year. This year I am doing LifeBook and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Honestly I wish I could just it and watch the videos, drink coffee and make art uninterrupted. HA!  Ok well a girl can dream. I have yet to even finish week one and we are already into a week 2, oh well so it goes. I will share what I’ve done so far at the end of this post, But for now this brings be to my newest art journal page that I created for Stencil Crush Tuesdays™.  One of the things that LifeBook encourages us is to think about are things that we want to take with us into the new year. So I came up with 3 that have meaning and importance to me.

  1. Peace
  2. Love
  3. Courage

Well Peace I guess that goes without saying but I want to not only have peace for myself and by this I mean inner peace but I want to bring peace to others in some way throughout 2017.

Love well yeah who doesn’t want love, I want to remember to love everyone for who they are and to spread love to those especially that feel unloved and need love.

Courage well here is the one that gets to be a tricky challenge for me. I want to have courage to really let go of things I can’t control and to try new things. I have taken a leap of faith with just starting this new tutorial series, which had been holding off on for over a year. Doing something new and putting yourself out there to be judged and critiqued is scary and believe me it took a lot of courage to do it. So without further ado here is this weeks video. I hope you enjoy and it!!

This weeks stencil crush stencils are:  Vines, by Jane LaFazio, Tribal Men, by Desiree Habicht, and Framed #1, by Margaret Applin Click on any one of these to take you to the link to purchase on

Here are some detailed pictures of the completed art journal page. Honestly I could have kept doodling but to keep the video within a reasonable amount of time I had to stop lol. Doodles really add a lot of fun and flair to your art, I also feel it really gives it that personal touch.

So back to where I am in my Lifebook lessons – I have completed the warm up lesson pictured below

I started the main lesson.  Here are a few progress pictures. The collaged background before paint.

And after paint – yummy I love those drips – I almost don’t want to cover it up 🙂

And the rough sketch of my girl.

These girls are quite a processs to complete so she may not be done until the weekend :).

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week ahead and hope you are back with me next week for another Stencil Crush Tuesday!!

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