New art cards 

Hi friends hope everyone has been having an amazing weekend. We had a lot of fun this weekend we went to our local farmers market for some fresh veggies and organic meat. I was excited to see a local amazing bakery there and scored a yummy Italian cookie platter that we happily snacked on while we decorated the tree Saturday evening. If you look close my coffee cup is sporting a very coveted santa cozy made by one of my amazing Etsy friends who lives in Canada. You can look her shop up if you’d like it called:  My Handmade Trends. 

So just a little catch up on things I’ve been working on. First I’ve been having lots of fun with my new stencils that I received Friday from my Cyber Monday order from StencilGirl.  That there is a Pile O Stencils my friends. Lol 

So I dove in and created this art journal page with the Snow Storm stencil in the back ground, Star Map by Mary C Nasser and Words to Live by, by Carolyn Dube :  Embrace Your Voice art Journal page 

Tonight I’ve been working on some art cards – positive affirmation card. 

I started out trying a new technique. I took a card and used a layer of gesso then several layers of Matte Acrylic paint by Blick Arts. 

Once dry I took some rubbing alcohol and dropped it on my card with an old paintbrush look at the cool way that it pulled the colors apart so you could kind of see a ring of the color below 

Then I took my archival trinkets in different colors just to try a few out and dropped a couple drops on the cards. Added a bit more rubbing alcohol. And tipped them to drip. 

Then the really cool step came I spritzed with water and I made the ink separate so it gave this really cool look. Not sure I was able to really capture it on my camera. 

See in the photo below the really far brown areas it almost looks like when you add oil and water. Like the pigment separated from the liquid. 

Here is a good photo of how it looked once it started to separate. 

Then I took these 3 stencils. The 2 small ones are by Maria McGuire and the large one by Carolyn Dube. 

I mixed the blue and pink paint to create a deep purple to Stencil the heart that day art heals and used the green paint for the other 2 cards. I edged the card with some brown “coffee” archival ink. To help them pop a bit. I could have doodled around them but you know sometimes I like simple and I didn’t want to take away from the affirmations so I decided to leave them as they are.  😊

Wishing everyone a wonderful and peaceful evening. ❤️❤️❤️ 

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