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Good Morning friends and Happy Monday. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Ours was quite cold and rainy but that makes for a perfect time to create.   Today I have created a project I’ve been thinking about trying for awhile now and I think it would be the perfect idea for Thanksgiving.  I call it a blessing stick banner. I made this one using stamps and stencils from Jessica Sporn Designs. 

The first thing you need is a stick. 

The one I’m using is probably about a quarter inch thick and about 16″ long. Of course any size you like will do but I wouldn’t go too thick as you don’t want it to be to heavy. I tend to collect sticks when I’m out walking and so have some always on hand in case I want to use them in my art. 

Next you will need some fabric strips. I rip them between 1/2″ to 1″ wide and length again is up to you mine are about 12″-16″ in length you will need some

Length to tie them on to your stick so longer is better. The stencils I used were : cascading leaves, Eastern Leaf-lotus flower and Three Trees. All can be found at

I started with my gelli plate and rolled out some paint with my brayer placed my cascading leaf stencil over it and then laid my fabric strip on top and took my first print. 

I lifted it and repeated this step until I had it stenciled up as far as I wanted on the fabric strip. 

I did different colors and continued the process with various colored strips of fabric. 

I took the three trees stencil and some other strips of fabric and stenciled directly on to the fabric using some of the words on this stencils 

I continued to use the different stencils and different colored paints to stencil my fabric strips until I felt I had enough and then I moved on to the stamps. 

To the stars I added a little glitter as I felt the stars too dull after stenciling them 

All of the stamps I used are Jessica Sporn Designs and can be found and 

For the stamping I also used paint. Here I used the black Dylusions. Just be sure to wash your stamps right away or the paint will dry and ruin them 

I started with this cute butterfly stamp and stamped some butterflies on the green fabric. Love how they really pop using black paint. 

Above I stamped the tree of life in black and then “renew” in magenta. 

And here I used the be happy stamp over the cascading leaves stencil on a pink fabric. 

Then I decided to try something I had never tired before and that was to stamp on some feathers I had. Around where I live we have lots and lots of geese.  When I go to our local park in the summer you can literally collect as many feathers and your heart desires as they are everywhere lol. So I took a couple of those feathers I had and the paints with my stamps and gave it a try. 

Not too bad really. I liked how they turned out. 

I took all the pieces I created and tied them to my stick with a bit of space in between each one and then trimmed the ends or tops to my liking. I added a couple pieces of extra ribbon to kind of balance out the thicknesses and to fill in with some more colors. 

Lastly I took this really pretty yarn I found on clearance for a $1.00 the other day and I wrapped my stick around the end tied a knot and then wrapped the yarn around the stick and in between each piece of ribbon (fabric strip) 

Once you have that done tie the end to the end you started at to make a way to hang your blessing stick. 

Here are a few close ups of the strips 

Above is the completed hanging. My thoughts on creating this were to have everyone at thanksgiving write on the back of a ribbon something they are thankful for. This could be done with a Permanent marker or paint marker. Then you would have a beautiful memory with all your blessings to hang all year long. Thanks for joining me here today and as always your comments are a blessing to me. If you have time to leave one I’d love to hear from you. Have a beautiful and peaceful week my friends! ❤️❤️❤️

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