Corrugated Inspirational Art Cards 

Hi Friends hope everyone had a wonderful week last week and is enjoying the weekend. We have been getting lots of rain still. It’s still better than snow lol. Today I have a tutorial to share with all of you on how I created these inspirational art cards. I know most call them ATCs but since I rarely trade mine I call them art cards ❤️. 

I acquired some great cardboard pieces from an online order and I know you are thinking what’s so special about this cardboard but not all cardboard is created equal. This was already cut in a 12″x12″ square and the top layer ripped off super easy without leaving any glue or paper pieces behind. 

So I started by cutting my cardboard into 6 pieces each 3″x4″ as you can see above. 

Then I used this deep red paint and added just a bit with my finger to each one. For some reason I have been drawn to red lately and I almost never use red so I have to figure out why or what that means lol. 

Then I took my DecoArt White Gesso and added some to each with my palette knife. That piece you see stenciled in the back was what I was going to use on these at first but as I got going, changed my mind and created a different sheet using this months 9″x12″stencil by StencilGirl From Stencil Club, which I will show you later. 

Then I decided I wanted to add some dimension and texture to these so pulled out my Modeling paste by DecoArt and some beads by Finnabair (Prima Marketing) 

I added the modeling paste with my finger because I wanted to be sure to get in down in between the raised parts of the cardboard. 

I took the beads and pushed them into the modeling paste but not to completely cover them as I wanted the color to still show. 

I used the turquoise beads shown above on 3 of the cards and the cobalt blue shown here on 3 of them 

So then it was time to set them aside and cut my hearts. Here is the stencil I used designed by MaryBeth Shaw 

And I sprayed a sheet of mixed media paper with DecoArt Turquoise shimmer over the stencil. 

I cut out 6 hearts in various shapes and sizes. Then 2 hearts I painted with the Deep red paint, 2 with pink light and then left 2 the turquoise. I loved how the stenciled parts was showing through the paint raallybhave then some depth. 

Below:  Spritz with water let it set for a few seconds then dab with a towel to reveal some of the color below as well as give it a bit of a vintage look. 

Once the cards were dry I used a black archival ink and my blending tool to outline the cards. Then added more red and cobalt teal paint to them. 

I took my black and white gel pens and added some accents around my hearts after they were dry. 

Awhile back I ordered some things from 7 dot studio. They had these very cool punch out paper pieces on clearance for I think it was $1. Once I glued my hearts to my cards I added an inspirational saying to each and for 2 of them I cut a smaller heart out of my scraps and glued them to the larger hearts. 

And the completed cards and a few close ups. 

I think I may actually make a wall haninging or something with these. I haven’t figured that out yet but when I do I will be sure to post a picture. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I hope I inspired you to create your own inspirational art cards.  Thanks for joining me here and have a wonderful evening ❤️ 

Blessing Stick Banner

Good Morning friends and Happy Monday. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Ours was quite cold and rainy but that makes for a perfect time to create.   Today I have created a project I’ve been thinking about trying for awhile now and I think it would be the perfect idea for Thanksgiving.  I call it a blessing stick banner. I made this one using stamps and stencils from Jessica Sporn Designs. 

The first thing you need is a stick. 

The one I’m using is probably about a quarter inch thick and about 16″ long. Of course any size you like will do but I wouldn’t go too thick as you don’t want it to be to heavy. I tend to collect sticks when I’m out walking and so have some always on hand in case I want to use them in my art. 

Next you will need some fabric strips. I rip them between 1/2″ to 1″ wide and length again is up to you mine are about 12″-16″ in length you will need some

Length to tie them on to your stick so longer is better. The stencils I used were : cascading leaves, Eastern Leaf-lotus flower and Three Trees. All can be found at

I started with my gelli plate and rolled out some paint with my brayer placed my cascading leaf stencil over it and then laid my fabric strip on top and took my first print. 

I lifted it and repeated this step until I had it stenciled up as far as I wanted on the fabric strip. 

I did different colors and continued the process with various colored strips of fabric. 

I took the three trees stencil and some other strips of fabric and stenciled directly on to the fabric using some of the words on this stencils 

I continued to use the different stencils and different colored paints to stencil my fabric strips until I felt I had enough and then I moved on to the stamps. 

To the stars I added a little glitter as I felt the stars too dull after stenciling them 

All of the stamps I used are Jessica Sporn Designs and can be found and 

For the stamping I also used paint. Here I used the black Dylusions. Just be sure to wash your stamps right away or the paint will dry and ruin them 

I started with this cute butterfly stamp and stamped some butterflies on the green fabric. Love how they really pop using black paint. 

Above I stamped the tree of life in black and then “renew” in magenta. 

And here I used the be happy stamp over the cascading leaves stencil on a pink fabric. 

Then I decided to try something I had never tired before and that was to stamp on some feathers I had. Around where I live we have lots and lots of geese.  When I go to our local park in the summer you can literally collect as many feathers and your heart desires as they are everywhere lol. So I took a couple of those feathers I had and the paints with my stamps and gave it a try. 

Not too bad really. I liked how they turned out. 

I took all the pieces I created and tied them to my stick with a bit of space in between each one and then trimmed the ends or tops to my liking. I added a couple pieces of extra ribbon to kind of balance out the thicknesses and to fill in with some more colors. 

Lastly I took this really pretty yarn I found on clearance for a $1.00 the other day and I wrapped my stick around the end tied a knot and then wrapped the yarn around the stick and in between each piece of ribbon (fabric strip) 

Once you have that done tie the end to the end you started at to make a way to hang your blessing stick. 

Here are a few close ups of the strips 

Above is the completed hanging. My thoughts on creating this were to have everyone at thanksgiving write on the back of a ribbon something they are thankful for. This could be done with a Permanent marker or paint marker. Then you would have a beautiful memory with all your blessings to hang all year long. Thanks for joining me here today and as always your comments are a blessing to me. If you have time to leave one I’d love to hear from you. Have a beautiful and peaceful week my friends! ❤️❤️❤️

Art Journaling

Hi friends hope everyone had an amazing weekend. The weather here was stellar, sunny and warm just beautiful!  When I’m outside I can’t help but collect leaves. If I remember I press them but some just sit on my art table till they get crumbly and I throw them out. Here are a few I’ve pressed 

And here I added some to an art journal page I started. 

I’m partial to the maple leaves their colors are just so amazing !!  

I spent sometime this weekend making homemade donuts with my moms recipe. 

I have to say they did taste really good and my son brought some over to my mom this afternoon. I love family recipes and traditions. My mom always made these when we would go get our xmas tree along with hot chocolate.   

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend getting things picked up from summer and ready for winter. Sad to see summer go as it’s my fav season of all. I haven’t had a lot of time to really art journal so I did a couple pages this weekend here is the first one. 

The stamps were custom stamps from a shop on Etsy and I love them !! 

With enjoying the fall weather my hubby and I went to a local Restaurant and bar to watch the SU football game Saturday evening and I had to have my favorite Pumpking Beer. BTW we won the game yippee

Since I haven’t had the time to art journal I decided to get a bunch of backgrounds ready to go with some collage papers I made. 

And here is another journal page I don’t think I shared yet. 

The left over papers I made into tags 

And one last art journal page that I created using my StencilGirl stencils. And lots of doodling.  I punched some circles out of some gelli prints and turned them into flowers on my page. 

Well that sums up my weekend friends. What did all of you do this weekend?  Are you having fall In your area ?  Dream Peaceful Dreams my friends 💕💕💕

Halloween Tags and Inspiration

Hi Friends what a whirlwind of a week it’s been. I think that as the holidays grow closer and closer that’s just what happens. I have been working A LOT behind the scenes on some fun things for Jessica Sporn Design and Stencil Girl so haven’t had much time for creating other projects I can post about yet. I did manage to find time to create a few fun tags. So let’s first start off with this new amazing stencil by Jessica Sporn. 

Just look at all the amazing elements on this beauty !  

So here are the first of creations with it. 

Creating these was very easy and fairly quick. I started by just stenciling the images I wanted to use on a piece of white cardstock. I have this great punch that I have had for years and it was the perfect size to punch these out. I love he scapploped edge of the punch. You could use a reg circle punch or flip it over use a jar to draw a circle and cut out by hand. For the pumpkin I took a black fudeball pen and traced where the stencil line were and then just added the stripes on his mouth. I had these fun foam eyes from I think AC Moore and added those to give him a silly look. The spider I added some black stickles to him and on the edges of each one I added some stickles in various colors :  orange and purple and yellow. 

And that’s it you’re done you can punch a hole and add some string. You could turn it into a banner with a few more. Or adhere to the outside of a goodie bag or package. 

Here is another little project I created. Using some of Mary C Nasser’s Stamps 

Here it is adhered to the side of an art journal page I started to work on. Super fun and easy. Just stamp your stamps and doodle around them. Turn them into anything you want. Love anything that is a circle lol ❤️. 

And lastly I had a gelli printing date with myself lol and started all these tags and art cards. So much fun !!

I am working on a video for all of you on how I tired the above into these:  

Fall just has me overflowing with fun and creative ideas lol. So many ideas and so little time. Hope everyone has an amazing day and finds time to be creative!! 

Xo Sherry

Frightfully Fall Blog Hop

Hi Friends and welcome to the October blog hop for the Jessica Sporn Designs Creative Team.

Today I’m hopping along with Jessica Sporn, Kristen Van Valkenburgh, Lizzy Wurmann, Marit Barentsen and Denise Alloca, to share some fall creations using Jessica’s stamps and stencils. We have an amazing giveaway – One Lucky Commenter Will Win: Jessica’s Cascading Leaves stencil and Tree of Life stamp.  All comments on all the blog hop participants count – so make sure to visit everyone and leave some kind words!

So what do I have in store for you today??? Well many know that I just absolutely LOVE sunflowers and I have painted them in every color of the rainbow.  So today I’m sharing with you my process of creating this Helen Keller Inspired canvas, (which of course has a sunflower) she has a quote that inspires me and is one of the reasons I love sunflowers:

Keep your face to the sunshine & you

cannot see the shadow.

It’s what the sunflowers do.

-Helen Keller

So Grab your paints and a canvas and lets get started 🙂

I started out with a 14 inch by 14 inch canvas, covered it with a layer of white gesso and then used the following colors: Primary Cyan, ultramarine blue and titanium white, with an old plastic store card just scraping the paint in different directions to create a nice and quick background.

I then used a piece of white chalk (kids chalk is fine) to sketch out where I wanted my sunflower.  Don’t be to fussy with this just get a general idea down and don’t worry chalk wipes right off with a damp rag or baby wipe.

Using a flat brush (any brush is fine this is my “got to brush” but you use the one you are comfortable using) and Permanent Violet Dark I painted in the petals. As you can see I did not worry about getting a thick or even coat.  This is just to give me guidelines, get a base coat down and create some depth.  For the stem and leaf I used Quinacridone  Burnt Orange.

Then I used my titanium white to put in where I want some highlights.

Many times when I’m working I mix 2 or more colors together so I will often put out on my palette several colors as I’m not always sure what I will end up using.  For this canvas I put out on my palette a medium yellow, cadmium orange, and yellow orange azo. Here I stared with using mostly the medium yellow and the yellow orange azo, mixed them a bit on my palette and put down a base layer.  Again I used a flat brush but a round brush will give you just as good results.  I stroke the paint inward towards the center. This is for 2 reasons:  It gives the flower petals the lines and creases that they have in nature and since I haven’t done the center yet it helps me stay in the lines starting from the outside and dragging the paintbrush inward.

Here is where you have to be patient and let it dry between coats.  The more coats the more depth your petals will have.  Mine have about 3-4 coats some petals maybe more.  I also mixed a little of the white with the medium yellow to bring the highlights back out.  I also used the Burnt Orange to accentuate my shadow spots, which you can also see above.  Remember the petals do not have to be perfect ( I actually prefer mine not to be) as nothing is perfect in nature.

On the stem and leaf I used sap green and vivid lime green and mixed them, then painted the entire leaf and stem in my mixed color. Then to give it a bit of a highlight I went back in with the same mix but added some titanium white to it on my palette then applied this color to one side of the stem and the top of the leaf where the sun would be hitting it.  I also accentuated the veins on the leaf with this same color.  I am still using my flat brush and just using the edge of it to create the thin lines.  Be sure to use a dry brush for your veins in your leaf with very little paint.  Do one quick stroke from the center of the vein out.

Moving on to the center of the flower the colors used were: Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Nickel Azo Yellow.  For this I use this really OLD ruined flat brush that I have.  But certainly a stipple brush would work.  The reason I like my old brush is because unlike a stipple brush, the bristles on my old brush are all uneven so I get a  more natural look.  Use a dry brush when doing this part, just dab in your paint lightly and apply in a stippling motion to the center, you can always go back and add more so again more is less here.  I don’t cover the entire center but go back in with a bit of the raw sienna and continue to work back and forth between these colors until I am happy with the results.  I also use the Raw Umber as you can see to go up into the petals a bit.

To get a look of pollen in the center I use the Nickel Azo Yellow in a very light stippling motion. This is a great color to use because it gives off a greenish yellow look over the raw umber.  I also add just a few bits of the medium yellow to accent the pollen in the flower.

Let your sunflower dry completely before this next step. Once the sunflower is complete and dry we are going to be using one of my favorite stencils by Jessica Sporn Designs called “Rain Stencil”

I selected the girl with her arms back and head up to the sky because it reminded me of the Helen Keller quote and so I decided to place her below the sunflower as if she was lifting her head high to smell the flower or to be like a sunflower.  I used my Dylusions black paint to stencil her in with a sponge.  I choose the Dylusions paint because it’s a nice flat black paint that I knew would give good coverage, as I wanted her to look like a silhouette. Just remember when stenciling, less is more, so go easy on the paint and be sure to really dab it off before going in to stencil, you can always add another layer if you want to make it darker.

Typically I do not wash my stencils but in this case I would or at least wipe it dry. The  Dylusions paint to me, seems like it stays wetter on your stencil longer than regular acrylic paint and since we are now going to use another part of the stencil I cleaned it off and then dried it with a paper towel before doing more stenciling.

One of the reasons I love Jessica Sporn Designs stencils is because they are SUPER versatile. Each stencil has sooooo many elements and gives you so many possibilities.  I  picked out 2 words from the different quotes on this same stencil that worked together and fit perfectly with the message I wanted to convey for this canvas.  “Embrace Today”.

Again using my black Dylusions paint and the skinny part of my sponge I went in and stenciled one word at a time cleaning my stencil in between to be sure not to transfer any unwanted paint onto my canvas. When stenciling small areas again I can’t stress enough with using VERY LITTLE PAINT, I added 2 layers here.  I stenciled it once then lifted – let it dry and cleaned my stencil while it was drying and then lined it back up again and went back over it to get it a bit darker.

Here are some close ups of the details and the completed painting. Hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial.  As always your comments are so very much appreciated and today they could win you a prize!


Thanks so much for visiting me on this blog hop, and don’t forget to hop on over to the other amazing blogs listed below. Remember to leave a comment on each blog for your chance to win the Cascading Leaves Stencil and the Tree of Life Stamp. You have until 9pm EST on Monday, 10/10 to comment and the winners will be announced on Jessica’s Blog Tuesday, 10/11/16.

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