My first Creative Team Post for Jessica Sporn Designs

Good Morning Friends and Happy Thursday.  I am so excited to share with you today my first post for the Jessica Sporn Designs Creative Team.  Below is a sneak peek of what you will see when you head on over to Jessica Sporn Designs Blog.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial and please leave me a comment over there and let me know how you liked it.  As always thanks so much friends for taking the time to check it out and be the super supportive souls that you are with all my work, it truly means so much!!! 🙂 🙂

Sharing some creative sites

Hi friends, I wanted to share with you some sites that I just love.  The first one is Stampington & Company this site isn’t just for shopping.  Did you know that they have a TON of free tutorials on here?  Check them out here. of course you can shop on here if you’d like they have some amazing stamps by different artists.

The next site I’d like to share with you is Kimberly Wilson’s Blog, I found her blog awhile ago and love her inspirational posts.  It’s not creative so much I an artsy sort of way but it’s a great blog and I feel full of inspiration I’m able to help me be more creative. 

I have had a lot of creative commitments lately so not tons of time to just play. I have been working in a new journal and going back and forth using it both as a planner of sorts and an art journal. So here is a peek at some of my pages in my new journal. 

Above you can see the awesome washi tape I scored last week at Michael’s. They had all of it 40% off so I bought a tube that had like 7or 8 different tapes in it and I love them !!  Perfect for dividing the spaces between my days. 

And here is the front and back cover. It was made last year when I went to Art Beach. Tomorrow friends is my first blog post for Jessica Sporn Designs creative team. I’m both excited and nervous. Be sure to check it out here on Jessica Sporn Designs

Wishing you all lots of peace and happiness this evening 💕💕💕

What’s on your fall list ? 

Hi friends wow I can’t believe we are half way through September. I really love fall and have been super busy doing fall-ish things. Like going to the farmers market and getting fresh veggies and my tomatoes to make my spaghetti sauce that I can each year. 

My hubby and I also made it to he Italian Fest this year and it was so nice out !!  We had some great food and wine ‼️‼️‼️

There is nothing better to me than homemade sauce on the stove simmering all day on a nice fall day. It fills the house with the best aromas !! 

One of my most favorite magazines is Bella Grace and I have to say that their fall issue is spectacular 

I find this magazine super inspirational.  As well as reading the stories many times I can so relate and I just love that. It’s an interactive magazine they many times have pages and prompts for you to write on. One of my fav in this issue is :  what’s on your Fall Bucket List. I also used this and created my own prompt that I included in my art journal. And it is “THINGS I LOVE ABOUT FALL”

Also in this issue was a fabulous article on Kimberly Wilson an artist and writer and come to find out she has a black pug too ❤️❤️❤️

In the midst of all this busyness I managed to find time on Sunday to take a walk in my yard for some fall inspiration and to take a break from my creative commitments. All of these glorious plants are in my back yard. My hydrangea tree has humongous blooms this year you can see that in the last couple pics. It’s bigger than my hand. 😳

In case you missed some of my creative posts on FB here are a few things I’ve been working on 

And tonight after running around trying to find the art journals I use with my Art Therapy group (just to find out they were and item on the kids art list so have been cleaned out of every song art store ). I stopped at Barnes and Nobles to grab a coffee and picked up a couple other magazines I really like 

And scores these free books marks and I just love them !! 

And lastly I have decided to try my hand at some color pencil use. I have never gotten into them and so it’s a challenge for me but a fun one for sure but it takes time lol so will be a bit before this sunflower I drew is complete ! 

Well friends that’s all for tonight off to have my carrot / banana smoothie have a fabulous evening everyone 💕💕💕

Creative team post share and Sisterswithheartinart prompt 

Hi friends today the ever so talented Emma Tildesley is on the Jessica Sporn Designs blog with some super creativity get. Click Here to check it out !  

Also if you follow me on Instagram you know I am a member of #sisterswithartinheart. This weeks prompt is succulent but any plant can be your inspiration. Here is an example as some have asked what it is. 

Be sure to use he hash tag sisterswithheartinart and play along creating anything you would like: an art journal page, an ATC, tag etc anything goes and it’s just for fun. Hope you join in   And don’t forget to be fabulous today 💕💕💕🤗

Creating fun floral embellishments with your Gelli Prints

Hi Friends, I promised this video on how I created these fun flower and heart embellishments a week ago, possibly longer but deadlines for other art projects had to come first.


For those of you who might not know I am part of the Jessica Sporn Designs Creative Team.  I truly love being a part of a creative team and this is my first ever.  To be honest I’m not one that chases design team openings.  I am quite choosey on who and what I would be willing to design for, I mean think about it, it’s a year commitment of your life and you have to be dedicated to creating projects with just that brand.  So for me I have to LOVE the products and the company I am working for, because art is all about passion and I want to put my passion into all my creations.  For me I truly adore Jessica Sporn, I love her art, love her stamps and stencils and I just love what she stands for as a person.  So to be selected to be part of her team is truly a blessing to me.  My first team post goes live on 9/22/16 so be sure to follow her blog here.

So wanting to put forth my best effort I have had to put some other things on hold like this mini tutorial I promised for all of you and I thank you for your patience!! 🙂  Sooooo Let’s get on with it!!

Many of you know that I absolutely LOVE to creating gelli prints and do so any chance I get, so I am always playing and finding new ways to use my gelli prints so I can ultimately make more haha.  So here is the tutorial on how to create them it is super fast and easy . 

Here is an art journal page that I created using some of the flowers and hearts made in the video.

Thanks friends for watching and please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of my fun tutorials.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!!  Happy Monday :).

xo Sherry




Sneak Peek ….embellishments made with your gelli prints 

Hi friends I am back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation with my hubby and am full of creativity. I have new ideas and so much swirling in my head. So many ideas and too little time lol. First I want to remind you that new Creative Team I am a part of :  Jessica Sporn Designs has begun this week one of my team members had the first post and you can check it out Here. Be sure to follow Jessica’s Blog so you don’t miss any of mine or my creative teams posts. My first tutorial / post will be on the 29th this month and I have been working hard on it since I’ve been back. 

In the mean time I’d like to share a couple pics of our vacation with all of you and some creative pics as well. 

And now I am going to be doing a video tutorial on how to create your own embellishments for your art journals, gifts, scrapbook pages and more using your gelli prints. 

In my next post see how I turned this:  

Into these 

So stay tuned as I have some fun and exciting things coming your way !!  

Have a fabulous evening friends and safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!! 💕💕💕