Art Tags with whimsical houses 

Hi Friends sorry for not getting this post out earlier today, thinga have been a bit hectic. For those who follow my IG and FB my pug Pooh Bear is going to be ok. And thankfully not need surgery. Thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts , hugs and well wishes, they worked ❤️❤️❤️

The other day I started these tags by using up some left over paint I had on my foam brushes. There was very little paint on them and so gave a fun and painterly look. To achieve this look your foam brushes need to be quite dry and as I mentioned above very little paint on them. Just swipe your foam brush in various directions until you are happy with the results.  

Next I took my StencilGirl stencil, designed by Mary Nasser called: Geometric Sky and on a piece of deli paper painted the stencil with the same 3 colors used above 

Here is the deli paper with the stencil still on it

And once I removed the stencil below you can see all the great triangles it made

Just perfect for creating whimsical houses. I just started by cutting out some of the triangles and then deciding which ones I wanted to use 

The above photo shows all my little houses glued on. At that point I knew I wanted to add some fun doodles to them. I recently splurged and ordered a set of Krink k-42 permanent paint markers, and I have to say I’m already in love with them. Fantastic coverage and no skipping. Excellent flow. I wish I had bought them before now as I’ve spent so much money on other paint pens that I have not been happy with. 

 Next I took a set of my Dylusions border stamps and stamped the edges of the tag and took my paint makers and added some additional doodles (dots) to the border.  I have my thumb on the boarder stamp that I used. 

I stamped some sentiments on some white copy paper then cut them out and glued them on my tags. 

The final step was to add some ribbon. I often like to use fabric scraps instead of ribbon because I can rip it and it gives it a more Gypsy or Boho look I think. Here are the fabric pieces I selected from my stash 

And the tags are finished. I think I will use a couple of these in my art journal / planner and maybe keep one as a book mark. Thanks so much for letting me share with all of you today. If you have time to leave me a comment it would mean the world to me. Wishing all of you the most fabulous evening 💕💕💕

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