Café Cards using Jessica Sporn Designs Stencils 

Hi friends, hoping everyone has been having a wonderful weekend so far. Friday I was working in my art journal and just not really feeling it. Seemed like no matter what I did just didn’t come out. So instead  of continually trying to force it I just left it and went to enjoy some sunshine. Later that evening I sat down in my art studio again and thought I’m not even picking up my art journal I’m going to just play with something different. So when I was shopping the other day I found these cards at Target for $1.00 in their back to school section. 

I have been seeing on Instagram people creating altered playing cards but the larger ones. I haven’t been able to find them so when I saw these I thought why not give hem a try for a dollar you can’t beat it. They have 36 cards in them. 

So I stared by applying white gesso to one side of 6 cards then I just randomly added a layer of paint in various colors. 

I have been playing around with Mark making so I pulled out a piece of cardboard that I had kind of forgotten I love the marks it made and applied some paint with my finger again changing the color for some of the cards and alternating the lines some vertical and some horizontal. 

Then I added some drips to them.  Here I used an ink and a fluid acrylic. 

I dried them after this step so I didn’t ruin my drips. 

I used these 3 stencils by Jessica Sporn for the stenciling in the next step. I know the one is a Christmas or Holiday stencil but look at the parts and pieces that you can use of your stencils. That is how they become a very versatile tool don’t always just look at the big picture 🙂

The last step I did, was use my new favorite mark making tool this cardboard straw to make some fun marks on each card 

And the completed cards. Thanks for stopping by. Your comments me so much to me if you have time please leave me one. And have a fabulous evening 💕💕💕

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  1. You had way too much fun! These turned out great. Thanks for the step outs i am learning so much in this amazing group! hugs

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