StencilGirl Voices and Butterfly Island

Hi everyone  today I am excited to be a part of the all new STENCILGIRL VOICES along with 2 of my very sweet creative friends Lisa Dobry and Trena Brannon.  The 3 of us are a part of the most wonderful StencilGirl Club.  If you have not heard of this amazing club you are truly missing out on the most amazing creative and artsy stencil club that ever existed.  This is where I met both Trena and Lisa as in the “Secret” StencilGirl Club Facebook Group which you can only be a part of if you are a club member (and I kind of go on and on about the FB group because well it’s just that awesome!) and you can check out all the details of this fabulous club right here .

These stencils I’m using are an EXCLUSIVE set designed by Carolyn Dube Called “Sand and Sea”.  Each month with the StencilGirl Club you get 3 exclusive stencils that you can’t buy anywhere else and let me tell you these stencils are always amazing.  You also get an all access pass to a “private, VIP” Facebook group where you are able to post your art and share with other artists – even the StencilGirl Artists and Marybeth Shaw – Yup you heard me right where else can you get to actually interact with one of the most amazing Artists and Owner of the company this to me is SOOOOO amazing.  I will share more with you along the way here about the club because honestly I just love it and want to share how great it is with all of you – but lets get started with my project here 🙂

I have used this month’s club stencils to create a decorative summer wall hanging using 3 – 6″x 6″ canvas panels.  I first applied a layer of gesso over all 3 and then used my cropadile (not sure is spelled that correctly haha) to punch holes where I will later attach the 3 panels.

Next I did something probably a bit scary to many of you but I took the 9″x12″ stencil and I cut it in half. My reason for doing this is I wanted to layer the 2 different sections when applying my different mediums and well the only way to do that was to cut it in half. 🙂

so in the above 2 photos you see, I added a layer of super heavy gel gloss by Liquitex and then added some Dylusions sprays in London Blue and Vibrant Turquoise, while my stencils were still in place I used my palette knife to blend these colors into the gel.

Here is what it looked like once it was dry. Nice but not enough color and I felt it still needed another layer.

Once this layer was dry I added a touch of Ultramarine Blue golden paint with my finger over the canvas just to add some darker blue to give it some depth and a visual of the deep ocean water.  This step I missed a photo of, I have to admit it was quite a messy project and I added many layers so with my hands a mess and having to work quickly so not to ruin my stencils as they had to be washed right away I missed a few photos.

On the second panel I added several layers of Golden Fiber paste (if you haven’t worked with this medium before it gives a very matte and paper like feeling when dry.  It also had a lot of texture in it so when you leave peaks etc they stay)  Then added a bit of London Blue dylusions spray by putting some on my palette knife and spreading it that was and also some yellow ochre acrylic paint.

On the 3rd panel I actually painted it in yellow ochre before adding a layer of Liquitex super heavy gloss gel.  Again I layered the 2 stencils to do this.  While the stencil was still in place I added some sand I had gotten at a craft store (but you could certainly use some right from the beach if you have it )

Once I removed the stencils I let it dry then layered the stencils again and applied another layer of the gel and the sand, I wanted to get a real layered look with the sand.  Once removing the stencils I had some tiny shells that I pressed into the gel medium – there were a few that I had to glue on after everything dried as some spots of the gel weren’t thick enough for the shell to really be pressed in and stick.

When the first 2 panels had dried over night completely I wanted to be sure that I was giving the look of a continuous project and not 3 separate panels. So I put them end to end and used the same 2 cut stencils layering them and adding a layer of Golden High Solid Gel Gloss.  To that I added just a bit of London Blue dylusions spray with my palette knife.

Here the panels are starting to dry.  The gel will dry clear except for the color I added it won’t be white anymore when it’s dry.  I want to pop in here and tell you before I forget one of the best parts that you get with your stencil club membership is an exclusive video by the Artist who designed the stencils, in that video you get a tutorial of them using that month’s stencils and it is AMAZING!!!  It’s like having a one on one with that artist.  I love the videos so much I typically watch them 3 or 4 times.

Now comes the butterflies.  I punched a bunch of them out of some velum I had in my stash, I wasn’t quite sure how many I would need to I just made a bunch because I knew I could always keep any extras for a later project.

I inked them all with the distress inks shown below.  I thought they look pretty but they need something more

So I used the 6″x6″ stencil from the club pack and added a contrasting color to the butterflies to give them a pretty design.

Then I layered them in contrasting colors and I just love how they came out.  The large one I used the mini stencil from the club stencils this month and added some accents to it with some Bo Bunny Glitter Paste in Copper.

I glued my butterflies to the panel using glossy accents and added a few dots of liquid pearls.  I also added some yellow stickles to the panel with the stand in the stencil lines, just felt that it needed a little something more once I finished it.  I used some jute to tie the panels together with just a bit of space in between and added a piece to the top as well for hanging.  I love anything summer and beachy and makes a beautiful wall hanging for the summer.

here are a few close ups

 and the final piece I call Butterfly Island 🙂

Thanks for taking the time and letting me share with all of you today, stop on by StencilGirl Talk  to check out Lisa Dobry’s Project created with this month’s Exclusive Stencils from Stencil Club, and Check out Trena Brannon’s Amazing Artwork  Here.   If you are like me and want to be part of the club so you can create your own fabulous art just click  Here  and Join me in the “Secret Club” on Facebook, I’d love to see you all there 🙂


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