I am … Tag project 

Good morning friends and happy Tuesday. Hoping those in areas getting lots of snow still and storms are being safe.  We have been lucky here with just some high winds and rain but nothing too damaging. So today’s project is one that was started in Art Beach and I took some time to finish it last week.  It’s called “I am” and as you can imagine it’s all about creating something special about yourself     

 It started out with several tags and all these clippings and goodies.   

I started by adding paint to all the tags front and back and then random stamps. Not thinking too much about it just getting a background going. 

Then I choose which “I Am ” word I wanted to use and a photo  

As you put each page together you stet to add bits of die cuts – stamps and other embellishments as they some to you and pull the mini works or art all together.  

I worked on both sides to have double the number of pages and while I was working on what I thought were my final tags I decided that not only would I hang this in my studio but that I will keep adding to it over time.  

Sometimes when life gets rough or yiu are going though a down patch you need a reminder of who you are and this is a perfect project for just that. 

Here are my Final completed tags    
And I took some ribbon to hold them all they her and as a way to hang them easily on a hook in my studio. It also slows you to change the tag / page as often as you’d like so a different one is on display. 

Wishing everyone much peace and happiness today. ❤️

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