Inspirational art journal pages. 

So tonight I have 2 simple test inspirational art journal pages. The first one I used black glimmer mist and sprayed over the whole stencil. Blotted then after I lifted the stencil spritzed with a very pale electric blue glimmer mist.  

 I then chose words that spoke to me used a gel pen to draw a box around and then wrote a little something about them. Circled the with a black pen and applied paint around them in a turquoise blue and a bit of white on top. 

The second page was similar but used a pink , yellow and blue glimmer mist over entire stencil. Choose words that spoke to me and drew a box around with a black pen. Used the same color paints to go around the boxes  

 finished off the pages with a bit of the blue paint around the edges.  

Here I added some circles of turquoise paint and highlighted with white. Just bc I like circle haha 🙂

Wishing everyone lots of creative fun this evening. ❤️

Decided after I posted to add some color to the words on my 2nd page with a pink gel pen  



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