Change is Beautiful- Julie Balzer inspired tag 

So I am a huge fan of Julie  Balzer and have been for years. She recently came out with some new stencils by the Crafter’s workshop and one of them is definitely one of my new favs. It’s called doodled pattern. I used that stencil exclusively to create this tag. I missed a few steps with the pics in between but will try to explain so you will get the idea. Lots and lots of sun layering. So this is how it started.  

Added some spritzed of water and blotted off for some texture then added more of the 2 distress inks shown above. 

Then started with the stencil like this using some white acrylic paint and a baby wipe. Then I just kept going. With the layering.  

Used acrylic paints , acrylic inks,’paint markers and just kept going. Layering frying in between and layering more. Then covered the entire tag with matte medium and layered white acrylic paint over the entire tag. Used a piece of scrap card board to scrape it off. Then you guessed it more layering  

I used the stencil with a reg pen to make the circles then added white paint into the centers. The pink layering in the back was done with gelatos and the stencil. Used bits and pieces of the stencil to make the smaller triangles and the little loops on the edges. Then outlined with s white gel pen. The yellow through the curler was an accident I ended up liking. I had yellow acrylic ink on my baby wipe went to wipe something off and the yellow got on there so I left it and circled it with s pen. The last step was the stamped sentiment. Hope your enjoyed and post your link below with any tags you create with lots of layering. Wishing everyone a Fabulous Hump day ❤️ 


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