I am … Tag project 

Good morning friends and happy Tuesday. Hoping those in areas getting lots of snow still and storms are being safe.  We have been lucky here with just some high winds and rain but nothing too damaging. So today’s project is one that was started in Art Beach and I took some time to finish it last week.  It’s called “I am” and as you can imagine it’s all about creating something special about yourself     

 It started out with several tags and all these clippings and goodies.   

I started by adding paint to all the tags front and back and then random stamps. Not thinking too much about it just getting a background going. 

Then I choose which “I Am ” word I wanted to use and a photo  

As you put each page together you stet to add bits of die cuts – stamps and other embellishments as they some to you and pull the mini works or art all together.  

I worked on both sides to have double the number of pages and while I was working on what I thought were my final tags I decided that not only would I hang this in my studio but that I will keep adding to it over time.  

Sometimes when life gets rough or yiu are going though a down patch you need a reminder of who you are and this is a perfect project for just that. 

Here are my Final completed tags    
And I took some ribbon to hold them all they her and as a way to hang them easily on a hook in my studio. It also slows you to change the tag / page as often as you’d like so a different one is on display. 

Wishing everyone much peace and happiness today. ❤️

New project sneak peeks 

So I have been working on a few new projects that aren’t quite complete. The first one is one that was started when I went to art beach. It’s a project called “I am”  here are some of the goodies that I’ve been using to work on this project 

And here are a couple of the completed  tags  
I’m also working on a special project of small positive affirmation cards here is a sneak peek of a couple  

Working late tonight to get some of these complete. Wishing all of you a Happy and Peaceful Easter tomorrow. ❤️❤️❤️

Paris Wings 

Today I shared a sneak peek of some art that I created using a couple of my favorite new stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop.  

The above stencil is without a doubt one of my most favorite ones and those who know me know how much I love butterflies.  

It’s been awhile since the attack on Paris but with this new terrorist attack in another county it brings be back to Paris and how horrible  and deveststing these attacks are. 

I wanted to create something that made me feel inspired and would allow me to send positive thoughts to these countries 

So I used the Painted Lady stencil and the Carte Postale stencil both by Crafter’s workshop. 

I used several colors of the Liquitex Spray Paint : vivid lime green, a blue green , medium magenta , brilliant blue and mistral gray 8 which is almost a white. I layered these gorgeous stencils and came out with this completed art below.  

Butterflies to me mean freedom and I send positive thoughts to these counties who have been attached and the butterfly wings to free them from all this hurt, pain and deveststion. 

Wishing everyone around the world tonight lots of love and peace. ❤️❤️❤️

Inspirational art journal pages. 

So tonight I have 2 simple test inspirational art journal pages. The first one I used black glimmer mist and sprayed over the whole stencil. Blotted then after I lifted the stencil spritzed with a very pale electric blue glimmer mist.  

 I then chose words that spoke to me used a gel pen to draw a box around and then wrote a little something about them. Circled the with a black pen and applied paint around them in a turquoise blue and a bit of white on top. 

The second page was similar but used a pink , yellow and blue glimmer mist over entire stencil. Choose words that spoke to me and drew a box around with a black pen. Used the same color paints to go around the boxes  

 finished off the pages with a bit of the blue paint around the edges.  

Here I added some circles of turquoise paint and highlighted with white. Just bc I like circle haha 🙂

Wishing everyone lots of creative fun this evening. ❤️

Decided after I posted to add some color to the words on my 2nd page with a pink gel pen  



Owl collage with mono prints 

Tonight’s project is for this weeks challenge for #sisterswithheartinart. Prompt is Collage. I knew the minute I heard this weeks prompt that I wanted to make some gelli prints to use.  

So many gorgeous prints so little time lol. I think I could make gelli prints all day and night and never tire of it. 

The stencil I used is called Curious Owl a Crafter’s Workshop stencil by artist Carmen Medlin. 

   Just look at how forgot the owl turned out. And the leaves injury love these.   
I took several of the leaf prints and ripped pierce and glued down on my page with some matte medium 


Once they were all glued down and dried I selected my favorite owl and ripped around him to fit onto my page and glued him down  
I then used some paint to accent and highlight and added more paint in the background. I went back in with an ink blending tool and some distress ink in picked raspberry. And then did the edges of the page isn’t archival ink in coffee. Here is the final project. 




My papers have some wrinkles but I like it. Gives it some added texture. Have a fabulous evening friends. ❤️❤️❤️


Monday morning inspiration 

Good morning friends. With spring upon us there are so many changes going on and I also have many personal changes that I am currently dealing with as well. This page is inspired by the glorious and lovely changes of spring. But first before I share my page I want to share with you some exciting news. 

There is s group of 5 ladies on Instagram who share and inspire weekly inspiration. You may have seen my posts on there with them sharing their prompts etc they are called the SISTERS or better known as #sisterswithheartinart. And they just recently asked me to joint their group and be a “sister”. I am so extremely honored and excited to be a part of this fabulously talented group of ladies. So I will be sharing the prompts on here as well as on IG so in encourage you to all follow me on Instagram and participate when you want to and have time it’s so much fun and keeps the creative mojo rolling.  So this is the photo you will see and when you create with one of the prompts use the hash tag below so we can all see your artwork.  This weeks word is COLLAGE 

Here are all the prompts for March so far  

So here is my page that will also be for the Bitds prompt.  It’s started with this background 

Then I stenciled the bird but wanted it to look hand drawn so went over it a few times with my pen and filled in the gaps the stencil left  

Then doodled some of the elements on my page and scribble stenciled some words and drew a box around each of them  

Wishing everyone a Monday filled with inspiration, peace and happiness ❤️❤️❤️

In a world of many – Be an Original

Today’s art journal page I used a couple Stencils by Stencil Girl to create this page. All acrylics were used for this project and a regular ball point pen for the quote.   

Also thought I would share a few photos of the progress of this wall mural I’m painting. The lighting in the room is not very good so the photos aren’t fabulous as I took the hem with my phone. But when it’s complete I will take some pics with my good camera so you can really see it.  

   wishing everyone lots of peace and happiness in their Friday. ❤️❤️❤️

Change is Beautiful- Julie Balzer inspired tag 

So I am a huge fan of Julie  Balzer and have been for years. She recently came out with some new stencils by the Crafter’s workshop and one of them is definitely one of my new favs. It’s called doodled pattern. I used that stencil exclusively to create this tag. I missed a few steps with the pics in between but will try to explain so you will get the idea. Lots and lots of sun layering. So this is how it started.  

Added some spritzed of water and blotted off for some texture then added more of the 2 distress inks shown above. 

Then started with the stencil like this using some white acrylic paint and a baby wipe. Then I just kept going. With the layering.  

Used acrylic paints , acrylic inks,’paint markers and just kept going. Layering frying in between and layering more. Then covered the entire tag with matte medium and layered white acrylic paint over the entire tag. Used a piece of scrap card board to scrape it off. Then you guessed it more layering  

I used the stencil with a reg pen to make the circles then added white paint into the centers. The pink layering in the back was done with gelatos and the stencil. Used bits and pieces of the stencil to make the smaller triangles and the little loops on the edges. Then outlined with s white gel pen. The yellow through the curler was an accident I ended up liking. I had yellow acrylic ink on my baby wipe went to wipe something off and the yellow got on there so I left it and circled it with s pen. The last step was the stamped sentiment. Hope your enjoyed and post your link below with any tags you create with lots of layering. Wishing everyone a Fabulous Hump day ❤️ 


Zen tangle style birds 

So I love the look of anything  zen tangle or zen tangle style buuuut. I don’t really have the patience to sit for hours creating the look so when The Crafter’s Workshop came out with the Wise Owl stencil by Valentina I knew I had to have it. It’s just gorgeous here are a couple pics of it not in the package  one is a close up ask you can see the yummy detail in it.


So to create this fun tag  I used my favorite brick stencil by TCW for the back ground on a black tag. Then to crest these fun and super easy birds I used TCW birds stencil and layered my Wise Owl stencil over 2 of the birds applied the white paint then cut them out  



The sentiment is a stamp by Dina Walkely. I stamped with back in on why’re card stock and cut it out. Then used a black pen ton outline. Also used a white gel pen to outline my tag. Add the ribbon or string of Yuit choice and you have a beautiful gift tag / art tag or inspirational tag. For any occasion. Switch up the sentiment to fit your occasion.  Here is the finished tag. Hope you enjoyed, if so please leave me a comment would love to hear from all of you. Have a fabulous evening ❤️